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1986 – 2023 American Gold Eagle Proof 70 Date Run Coin Set


Explore the prestigious 1986-2023 Gold American Proof 70 Date Run, featuring every Gold Eagle coin minted from the series’ inception in 1986 to the present 2023 issue. Each piece in this comprehensive collection has achieved the highest grade, Proof 70, certified by NGC, signifying impeccable quality.

The collection highlights a journey from the initial 1 oz coin in 1986 to the diverse denominations introduced thereafter, including the rare 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle MS70 coin. Notably, the set encompasses both the Type 1 and Type 2 designs from 2021. Crafted in resilient 22 karat gold, every coin is part of the Ed Moy Signature Series, with labels hand-signed by Moy himself.

This exquisite set is presented in three elegant wooden boxes, providing a sophisticated and secure way to preserve this valuable piece of American minting history.

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