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Turfgrass Management

Magnation Irrigation Water Solutions sets the standard in Turf water technology.  Magnation treated water penetrates tough soils for even distribution and moisture holding capability, simply solving long-term problems of dry spots.  The end result is water savings, equipment longevity, less maintenance and reduced need for chemicals. We have track record or success with municipalities, parks, stadiums, golf courses and schools. Let us help you with your water quality guidelines.

Magnation water conditioning systems correct all water, including reclaimed, deep well, aquafer, and city water. Penetrate tough soils for even distribution and moisture holding capacity, giving an extra boost of vitality to the fine hair root zone and solving problematic dry spots. Denser, greener more uniform turf at your fingertips with products ranging from main artery treatment to hose units for localized issues.

For unique conditions in your aquatics, Magnation boosts dissolved oxygen and your amendments for an effective, fast and ecological approach to ensuring less algae blooms/cyanobacteria, and healthier effluent water. Additionally, better mixing with less pumping energy to keep your aquatics pristine and biosphere balanced.

Solve hydrophobic dry spots • Reduced irrigation by up to 20% • Reduced fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides by 10-50% with improved solubility • Improved soil infiltration, soil capillary action and moisture retention • Reduced friction, better flow with less pressure • Reduced scale buildup & corrosion • Extended equipment longevity • Reduced maintenance.

Trusted among the worlds finest Golf Clubs, Magnation is a hole-in-one for Superintendents, Grounds Managers and Green Committee Members.

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  • Fertigation
  • Aquatics
  • Wells
  • Seed treatment
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Watch real life stories served up. Generations of savings, better turf quality, prettier landscapes and less maintenance. What project will you fund with what you save in water, energy, fertigation and maintenance?

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Turfgrass Applications


Golf Courses

Superintendents around the world trust Magnation for improving their turf management and beauty, with ROI’s to prove it. Learn More



Elite water performance for premium turf quality. Denser, more vital greens with less inputs, time and water. You can bet on it. Learn More


City Parks and Rec

From sports fields to open fields, Parks & Rec Grounds Managers save oozles of time with better water quality. Trust us. Learn More


Schools and Campuses

Safer, denser, more uniform turf for athletics. Plant vitality for ornamentation, with reduced requirements to keep them looking great! Learn More


Residential Developments

Healthy landscape and aquatics savings while improving the beauty for your community will keep everyone happy, from bosses to families. Learn More



Reduce irrigation requirements for healthier, prettier greens. Zero maintenance, energy or chemicals required. Zero by products, either. Learn More

The Magnation Value Proposition


Maintenance free

One-time installation. Never do another thing besides reap the rewards.


Energy free

Membrane-free, passive inline systems require zero electricity to work.


Chemical free

Paradigm shift: physics to solve water problems.

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